Art of Skiing
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Art of Skiing

$35.00 AUD

Vintage Posters from the Golden Age of WInter-Sport

New large format paperback edition

Evocative posters and photographs from the world-famous Beekley Collection capture the exhilaration of the early days of fashionable winter sports.

Feature the most famous resorts in Europe and North America – from St Moritz to Aspen.

An essential guide for both experts and armchair skiers alike

'The Art of Skiing' is a beautiful collection of the finest examples of poster art. Organised by country and resort, it uses posters from the Beekley Collection – the largest private collection of ski art in the world – to reflect the changing trends in skiing fashion and technique, and investigates the most popular resorts, their establishment and development.

Immigrant Scandinavian gold miners chasing the Gold Rush in the middle of the nineteenth century introduced skiing to the United States. By the turn of the twentieth century, skiing had emerged from its utilitarian origins to become a fashionable sport in both Europe and North America, and a wave of new, stylish resorts emerged.

By the 1930s, skiing was by far the most popular winter pastime for the rich and famous – combining adventure, fashion and exclusivity. The graphic art of the posters advertising this exhilarating sport have become collectors’ items.