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Hola everyone! 

Who else finds it hard to believe it's March already, Autumn already! Wowee! Such fun being in a new season and what a way to start with just the most stunning week of weather - sunny days in the 20s, perfecto! The goal was to have the website up and rocking yesterday, so apologies for that but here we go! Each week there will be awesome new arrivals and so many fun goodies for all!

Check this awesome original piece we have in store by the totally fabulous artist Justine Slough from the Far South Coast of NSW. Here is something that epitomises this spectacular Victorian High Country where we live - "Hike To Craigs".

We also adore suggestions of things you might like us to get in for different times throughout the year ... long weekend this week so hopefully you can all have an amazing time wherever you might go! If you happen to be passing through Mansfield, please pop in and say hi! Si Si!

BB Team xx

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